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FAX (713)880-3811
2307 Union St.
Houston, Texas 77007


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Check out These

Free & Painless ways to help GRACE!

GRACE is registered as a charity with two websites that will make donations, at no cost to you, every time you use them.

Just set your preferred charity as "Gulf Region Advocacy Center", then shop and surf the net just as you do already:

This operates just like any other search engine, except that funds raised from advertising are donated to charity IF you so designate. Use it just like google and send a few cents to GRACE with every click!!!

When you shop online, please go through to access all the major retail outlets and online vendors, including Amazon, Travelocity, 1800Flowers, Avon, various rental cars, department stores, name brand outlets, etc. Vendors donate anywhere from 1% to 15% to the charity of your choice if you purchase through this website.

Thanks for your support!